Give an animal a home

Skibbereen Animal Rescue, a sanctuary as much as a rescue organisation. Caring for the welfare of animals in and around West Cork.


Our Animals

Anita’s unique methods

Anita has a special ability in relation to looking after animals. She is both a dog, cat and horse ‘whisperer’. She has her own ways of doing things primarily based on her deep understanding of animal nature and psychology. She knows that groups of animals have a very strict and well defined hierarchy or pecking order and so long as they have basics like food, warm shelter and space they will sort themselves out and happily live together but the most important factor is that there has to be a pack leader and that’s herself. Although the dogs have individual kennels or group pens to sleep in , when exercising ALL dogs are out together. This includes Bichons, Yorkies, Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Alsatians, Huskies, Lurchers, Greyhounds and everything in between.


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